Justin Bourque


Key Recommendations From RCMP Review

MONCTON, N.B. - Some of the key recommendations in a report released Friday on the fatal shootings last year of three Mounties in Moncton, N.B.:— Better training is needed to prepare supervisors to ma...

Why Is Zehaf-Bibeau a Terrorist But Not Justin Bourque?

Zehaf-Bibeau was driven by "political and ideological motives" in the murder of Cpl. Cirillo. Even before the day was out, our Prime Minister came out and labelled him a terrorist, without truly knowing who he was and why he did what he did. Knowing that Bourque intentionally targeted five Mounties, murdering three in cold blood in June, how come he wasn't (and still hasn't been) vilified as a terrorist?

Accused Mountie Killer Pleads Guilty

MONCTON, N.B. — A New Brunswick man has pleaded guilty to three first-degree murder charges in the fatal shootings of three RCMP officers in Moncton. Justin Bourque also pleaded guilty to two counts o...

Funeral For The Fallen

MONCTON, N.B. - The city of Moncton came to another standstill Tuesday, this time to bid a sorrowful farewell at a regimental funeral for three Mounties killed in a shooting rampage that left New Brun...

RCMP Will Face Difficult Questions

The tight-knit RCMP community is still in mourning today over the loss of three of its Moncton members, but they know that in the coming months the force will have to scrutinize whether anything more...

'It Was Scary As Hell'

MONCTON, N.B. - Clutching his loaded hunting rifle, Justin Savoie huddled with his wife and two small children in their basement, unsure of what to expect as a gunman prowled their Moncton neighbourho...

Three Deaths Matter More Than a Killer's Motives

Three of us are dead. Three of us who bought groceries from Sobeys on Vaughan Harvey Boulevard and went to Wildcats games at the Coliseum. Three of us who hold our kids when nightmares scare them from their beds. Three of us are dead and gone because of a young man with a gun. Again. The world will say the same old things about guns, and mental illness and angry young men with something to prove. They'll say the same things about the Seattle killing. Then they'll sit and wait for another tragedy somewhere else. And when the same conversations come up, we'll nod knowingly. Three of us are dead. And once again, we don't know why.