Justin Trudeau Liberal Leader


'Petty Politics'

WINNIPEG - Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau blamed "petty politics" on the part of a school board for the abrupt derailing of one of his media events Thursday.Reporters and camera operators who h...

Trudeau Recalls Dad's Glory Days

OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau presided over his first caucus meeting as Liberal leader Wednesday by harking back to the party's signature accomplishment when his father was at the helm — the Charter of Righ...

WATCH: Trudeau's Big Debut

OTTAWA - The box score on Justin Trudeau's rookie debut as Liberal leader in the House of Commons might read as follows:Zero unforced errors, zero home runs, no bases stolen, no opposition high-fives,...
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The NDP Are Losers Again

Whomever is in charge of event scheduling for the federal New Democrats ought to be fired today -- how in heavens did the NDP wind up holding its all-important policy convention on the same weekend the Liberals were to crown their new leader? Were Christmas eve and day already booked at the convention centre?

Key To Liberal Party #Rebuild

OTTAWA - For every Liberal lapel pin on a partisan at the party's leadership forum Sunday, there were thousands more digital booster badges tagged to supporters' social media profiles.From Twitter pos...

A Virtual Shoo-In

OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau is vowing to usher in a generational shift in Canadian politics — younger, more hopeful, less negative — after winning the federal Liberal leadership by a landslide Sunday.And...

Trudeau, Harper To Face Off

Newly elected Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will face his first test when he appears in question period on Monday, after MPs return to Ottawa following a two-week stretch in their ridings. All eyes w...

Why Justin Trudeau Has Already Won

Canadians know that Justin Trudeau is passionate. They know that he is eloquent and thoughtful. They know that he is likeable. That is more than Canadians have known about the last two Liberal Leaders and that is why Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party have already won. That is why the Liberal Party's best chance at success in 2015 is with Justin Trudeau as Leader.

Trudeau's Chilly Reception In Alberta

Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau is making stops in Red Deer and Calgary on Sunday as part his Alberta campaign tour, where he's had a tough time winning over potential supporters. Some Al...

Trudeaumania 2.0 Hits Winnipeg

Justin Trudeau, a candidate for leadership of the federal Liberal Party, was in Winnipeg Saturday to speak to party faithful. Trudeau addressed supporters at an event at the Punjab Banquet Hall. In...

Why Justin Trudeau Is the Liberal Party's Biggest Liability

Justin Trudeau is dangerous because he can be easily caricatured by the Conservatives and the NDP. The Liberal party will have to be incredibly careful in shaping his narrative -- his story, because if they're not, if they allow his opponents to define him, he will do horrible damage to the Liberal brand.

Is Justin Trudeau Too Big a Baby to be Leader?

Trudeau is still a baby in the political arena who has a long road ahead of him. Before a baby can walk, he must first learn how to crawl.Trudeau will not receive votes for what he has accomplished. He will receive attention because of who his father was. This is not healthy for him, nor for the people he will be vowing to serve and protect.
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Bob Rae's the Only Good (and Experienced) Apple In the Bunch

When he took the interim job, Bob Rae pledged that he wouldn't run. So who's likely to be chosen liberal leader? It's a sorry field when Justin Trudeau seems the choice of many -- a callow fellow who many claim has charisma -- as if that's a substitute for wisdom and judgment. In fact, looking over the field of Liberal hopefuls, the only one with apparent substance of leadership is... Bob Rae.