Justin Trudeau Liberal Leadership Race


WATCH: Policy? Not Now Thanks

TORONTO - With the finish line in sight, Justin Trudeau took his Liberal leadership bid to the financial heartland Wednesday, accusing both Prime Minister Stephen Harper and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair of...


OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau has pulled in $1.3 million so far in the Liberal leadership contest, burnishing his credentials as a political money magnet.That's triple what Tom Mulcair raised during the who...

Trudeau's 'Muscle-Flexing' Gesture

Justin Trudeau's campaign has released a total number of potential voters for him in the "supporter" category that likely exceeds the efforts of any of the other seven candidates in the Liberal leader...

All Aboard The Trudeau Attack Train

OTTAWA - Liberal leadership hopeful Martin Cauchon is questioning front-runner Justin Trudeau's judgment in continuing to collect public speaking fees while serving as an MP.The former cabinet ministe...

Media Bites: Justin Trudeau Is More Than His Bloodline

C'mon, give Justin Trudeau a break. Sure, he's overrated, but overrated-ness cuts as hard as it coddles; pricks as much as it praises. As a result, J-Tru gets not only the gushy fawning of fans but also the exaggerated disdain of critics. Justin's bloodline is one asset in his arsenal, but he deserves to (and will) sink or swim on more than that. To tie his prime ministerial suitability to his surname exploitation, or to presume that all his strengths, handicaps, quirks, and annoyances flow from it, is to excuse a lack of deeper introspection from a party that could really use some.

He's In The Money

OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau has raised almost $600,000 during the first three months of his Liberal leadership campaign.That includes $125,000 donated by some 1,400 individuals in just the last three days...

Why Should You Elect Me as Liberal Leader? Digital Freedom

Today I enter public life as a candidate for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. We live in an online world, and it has unlocked a universe of opportunities. Unfortunately, we have a government that sees our online world as a threat. They think everybody who lives in this online world needs to be monitored. One of the cornerstones of my campaign will be a proposed Digital Bill of Rights for all Canadians. Someone has to step up to protect our rights from the excesses of governments.