Justin Trudeau Speaking Fees


Charity Drops Refund Request

OTTAWA - A charity that was at the centre of a public controversy about Justin Trudeau's speaking fees isn't going to request a refund.Ian Webster, the chairman of the Grace Foundation, said Monday th...

Trudeau Yet To Pay Back A Dime

OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau has yet to pay back a dime of the public-speaking fees he earned while sitting as an MP.The Liberal leader promised 10 days ago to reimburse any group that feels it didn't get...
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MPs in Glass Houses Shouldn't Stone Trudeau

Between NDP MPs not paying their income taxes and members of the federal Conservative caucus being accused of defrauding taxpayers through false spending claims, neither party has the moral authority to determine whether Justin Trudeau acted inappropriately in being compensated for speeches he was being asked to deliver that were outside his mandate as an MP. At its core the vitriol and stunning rhetoric regarding this issue has little to do with Trudeau's actions and far more to do with the fear of what Justin Trudeau at the helm of the Liberal Party of Canada could do to the government and official opposition.

Wall Won't Apologize To Trudeau

REGINA - Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says he won't apologize for saying federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau should return $20,000 he charged for speaking at a literacy conference in Saskatoon.Wal...