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Kim Kardashian Just One-Upped Everyone With Her Naked Dress

The Huffington Post Canada | Madelyn Chung | Posted 05.24.2016 | Canada Style

Sorry, Kendall.

These Fill-In-The-Blanks Show The Darkest Side Of Narcissism

Lenora Thompson | Posted 03.15.2016 | Canada Living
Lenora Thompson

What if narcissism isn't what we assume it is? Yes, narcissists project an über-confident, egotistical image but most researchers believe this is merely a smokescreen to disguise extremely low or even non-existent self-esteem. I thought why not demonstrate it because actions speak louder than words.

Deadmau5 Rips Kanye For Allegedly Using Pirated Music Software

CP | David Friend, The Canadian Press | Posted 03.02.2016 | Canada Business

Oh boy.

'Help Kenya, Not Kanye' Campaign Boosts Edmonton Charity

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 03.01.2016 | Canada Alberta

"Being a Kanye fan is really hard, but donating to Kenya is really easy."

Kanye West Picks New Fight With Canadian Producer

The Huffington Post Canada | Emma Paling | Posted 02.24.2016 | Canada Living

Oh, Ye.

Sweet Yeezus! Man Deep Fries Boosts To Amp Up 'Dope' Factor

The Huffington Post Canada | Madelyn Chung | Posted 02.24.2016 | Canada Style

"This was fun and trill dude."

Pizza Hut Offers Kanye West A Job After He Pleads For Cash

The Huffington Post Canada | Jessica Chin | Posted 02.18.2016 | Canada Business

Hey, if he needs dough...

T-Swift Fires Back At Kanye, Says She Made Herself Famous

The Huffington Post Canada | Joy D'Souza | Posted 02.16.2016 | Canada Living

Note to Kanye West: Only Taylor Swift made Taylor Swift famous.

10 Things That Happened At Kanye West's Yeezy Season 3 Show

The Huffington Post Canada | Monika Markovinovic | Posted 02.12.2016 | Canada Style

It was more than just a fashion show.

Kanye's Yeezy Season 3 Boots Are A Far Cry From His 950 Boosts

The Huffington Post Canada | Madelyn Chung | Posted 02.11.2016 | Canada Style

We dig it.

Kanye West Denies Reports Of Kylie Jenner Puma Deal

The Huffington Post Canada | Madelyn Chung | Posted 02.10.2016 | Canada Style

"1000% there will never be a Kylie Puma anything."

Kanye West Tweets 'Bill Cosby Innocent'

The Huffington Post Canada | Jesse Ferreras | Posted 02.10.2016 | Canada Living

And Twitter's not happy with Yeezy.

For The 1st Time, Facebook Reveals List Of What Users Really Like

The Huffington Post Canada | Emma Paling | Posted 02.03.2016 | Canada Business

"This is the closest we’ve come to a complete, ranked list of every interest on Facebook."

Kanye West Confirms Wiz Khalifa Wears Cool Pants, We Investigate

The Huffington Post Canada | Monika Markovinovic | Posted 01.30.2016 | Canada Style


Kim Kardashian Literally Broke The Internet For Kanye West

AFP/Relaxnews | Posted 12.30.2015 | Canada Style

The power of Kim shows no bounds.

Here's Who Had The Best Fashion Collabs Of 2015

AFP/RelaxNews | Posted 12.14.2015 | Canada Style

The stars and haute couture aligned this year for cheap(ish) fashion

Behold The Kimye Christmas Sweaters You Never Knew You Needed

The Huffington Post Canada | Madelyn Chung | Posted 12.14.2015 | Canada Style

O Kim All Ye Faithful, indeed.

Kimye Win Christmas After Donating 1000 Shoes To Charity

The Huffington Post Canada | Al Donato | Posted 12.11.2015 | Canada Style

There's nothing like the gift of sweet kicks!

Kim And Kanye Welcome Their Baby Boy

The Huffington Post Canada | Lisa Yeung | Posted 12.05.2015 | Canada Parents

North West is a big sister now!

Here's Who's Responsible For Kim K's Revamped Style

The Huffington Post Canada | Monika Markovinovic | Posted 09.30.2015 | Canada Style

Is it really a surprise?

'I Replicated Kanye West's Fashion Line With Pantyhose And A Trip To The Thrift Store'

The Huffington Post Canada | Jennifer Choy | Posted 09.25.2015 | Canada Style

Definitive proof Kanye West is not a designer.

This Is Kimye's Most Presidential Look Yet

The Huffington Post Canada | Madelyn Chung | Posted 09.08.2015 | Canada Style


The Biggest WTF Moments of the MTV VMAs

Shanita Hubbard | Posted 09.02.2015 | Canada Music
Shanita Hubbard

I used to watch award shows when a lot of the hype was about which artist won and who performed the best. Some of the most buzz-worthy parts of the show would include an artist doing something pretty impressive. This year's MTV Video Music Awards were a little different. I'm not sure if I saw anything impressive, but I did have at least five moments where I was thinking "WTF?"

Drake Turns OVO Fest Into A Political Rally And Declares Victory

Joshua Ostroff | Posted 09.02.2015 | Canada Living
Joshua Ostroff

Drake handily won the re-election as hip-hop's prime minister after a recent scandal threatened to derail his rule.

Kanye West Proves He Isn't Mad At Toronto With OVO Fest Set

The Huffington Post Canada | Rebecca Zamon | Posted 08.04.2015 | Canada Living

Kanye, welcome back to Toronto — we love you too.