Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet Does Her Best Angelina Jolie Pose

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 03.31.2014 | Canada Style

The Internet had a meltdown when Angelina Jolie's right leg stole the 2012 Oscars and over the weekend, Kate Winslet tried to recreate the magic with ...

Why Hasn't the Working Mom Dialogue Evolved Yet?

Leah Eichler | Posted 04.10.2014 | Canada Living
Leah Eichler

Many women I have spoken to talk about their fears of being a working mother in hushed tones, as if the topic is taboo. But shouldn't the conversation about marrying work and motherhood have evolved by now?

Kate Winslet Loves A Kate Middleton Fav

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 10.15.2013 | Canada Style

It seems that British royalty and Hollywood royalty think alike! Expectant mom Kate Winslet flaunted her gorgeous baby bump sans husband Ned Rocknr...

Kate Winslet Shows Off Cute Baby Bump At TIFF

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 09.09.2013 | Canada Style

Our heart is still going on for Kate Winslet at the Toronto Film Festival! The English Rose (hehe), who made teen girls around the world want to cl...

Breaking Free of a Body-Hating Society

Marci Warhaft-Nadler | Posted 08.07.2013 | Canada Living
Marci Warhaft-Nadler

We live in an image-obsessed, fat-phobic, thin is in, skinny jean-wearing, thigh gap-measuring, binging and purging, forever dieting, body-hating society where kids barely out of preschool are begging their mothers to keep them home from school because they feel like they're too fat to fit in. And that pisses me off.

What It's Like Having a Celebrity Name

Candace Alper | Posted 09.19.2012 | Canada Living
Candace Alper

Recently I began to reach out into the great abyss that is Facebook and can now announce that I am friends with Corey Feldman, Matt LeBlanc, Kate Winslett, Jennifer Garner, Matt Dillon, Celina Gomez and Julia Roberts. It's true. They have shared their experiences -- the good, the bad, the funny and the ugly -- about what it's like walking around with some of the most famous monikers in our culture.