Kathleen Wynne Gay


Looking Back At Wynne's Big Win

It was a leadership race Kathleen Wynne was not supposed to win. Held in late January, the convention to pick a new Ontario Liberal leader and premier was billed as a two-candidate race with most pun...

Wynne To Make History.. Again

TORONTO - Ontario's Kathleen Wynne will make history later this month when she becomes the first sitting premier to march in Toronto's annual gay pride parade.Wynne, Canada's only openly-gay premier,...

An Open Letter to Kathleen Wynne

So here you are at the helm of this brilliantly diverse province, a woman, and a lesbian, who, it is worth noting, could never be at the helm of anything in the Catholic church, with the power to do something about this. Don't let us down Kathleen.


TORONTO - Working with the opposition parties, repairing relations with teachers and dealing with the Liberal government's past mistakes are some of the top priorities for the woman who will become On...