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Wynne To Make History.. Again

TORONTO - Ontario's Kathleen Wynne will make history later this month when she becomes the first sitting premier to march in Toronto's annual gay pride parade.Wynne, Canada's only openly-gay premier,...

An Open Letter to Kathleen Wynne

So here you are at the helm of this brilliantly diverse province, a woman, and a lesbian, who, it is worth noting, could never be at the helm of anything in the Catholic church, with the power to do something about this. Don't let us down Kathleen.


TORONTO - Working with the opposition parties, repairing relations with teachers and dealing with the Liberal government's past mistakes are some of the top priorities for the woman who will become On...

Media Bites: She's Here, She's Queer -- Why Not Talk About It?

If the Liberal Party of Ontario elects Canada's first openly gay premier next week, you can be sure we'll never hear the end of it. So why aren't we hearing more about it now? If Kathleen Wynne herself has shown little fear about brandishing the L-word, the mainstream press has been considerably more cautious. Whether the press is deliberately downplaying Wynne's not-so-secret secret as a way to emphasize their own tolerance ("notice how we're not making it an issue?") or simply because they're loath to highlight trivial factoids that could "unfairly" jeopardize her campaign, it's a hard game to play for very long.