Kurt Cobain

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Chris Cornell's Suicide Is Sadly Familiar To Gen-Xers

Death was an omnipresent part of the alt-era, something we just took for granted at the time. It was something to live through at the time, but which we never questioned. It just was. And yet in hindsight so many deaths of so many young people seems unfathomable. And they didn't stop. And now Chris Cornell of suicide by hanging. It is an unimaginable tragedy for those who loved him personally -- his wife and his three children most of all -- and for all of those who loved the music he gave to the world and the operatic multi-octave howl he sang it to us with.
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How Being a Father Has Changed How I Listen to Nirvana

Kurt Cobain died on April 5, 1994, but we only found out about it on April 8, when an initially unidentified body was discovered in the room above his garage. I was in first-year university. As a father, I can't even fathom the depth of despair he must have been feeling to leave his daughter. And now as a listener with a child, I can't help but let that startling selfishness affect my feelings for his music.

Nirvana's Musical Legacy 20 Years After Kurt Cobain

Nirvana did what all great bands do: they made everyone else catch up. Mainstream radio accommodated alternative music's idiosyncracies, in the case of Nirvana the confrontation of Cobain's distorted guitar, vocal roughness, sonic dissonance, and deliberately nonsensical lyrics. Whatever one's view of Cobain, it is undeniable that he set pop music on a new course.

20 Years Ago, I Watched Nirvana's Penultimate Show in Slovenia

It was February 27, 1994 and Nirvana was headed into the fire of the Yugoslav war, no one knowing it would be their second last show. While we waited for our names to be checked at the backstage entrance of a Slovenian arena, we felt a wave of excitement around us as Kurt Cobain and his entourage passed by the glass doors inside.

Does Glamorizing the Tortured Artist Kill Creative Souls?

The troubled creator as a character has become glamourized, its talents celebrated but its pain ignored. It's as if all you need is talent, anorexia and an Adderall addiction and an audience will be waiting for you when you cross the line. Waiting for the train wreck, the OD, the suicide. All of which readers comment and place bets on each week as if she's a horse in a sick race.