Labrador Byelection

Why Is Harper Protecting Conservative Wrong-Doers?

The Conservative caucus must be stunned at this on-going drama that unfolds day after day. In both the Penashue case and the recent Senate revelations the public is left with the impression that the Prime Minister is protecting individuals who have done something wrong. The public quite rightly should be asking "why?"

Loss Not 'Surprising,' MacKay Says

Defence Minister Peter MacKay, who will again pick up the job of representing Newfoundland and Labrador at the federal cabinet table, says there will be no repercussions for Peter Penashue's loss in t...

Credibility Put To Test

Today's byelection in Labrador will determine whether former MP Peter Penashue will win his riding back after he resigned his seat in March over revelations that his 2011 campaign accepted ineligible...

Yvonne Jones Wins Labrador Byelection

ST. JOHN'S, N.L. - Conservatives urged Labrador voters to overlook spending rule violations and return incumbent Peter Penashue to Ottawa as a cabinet minister — an offer they answered with a resoundi...

Penashue Or Another Way?

The federal byelection in Labrador boils down to a choice: a former cabinet minister who says he'll wield influence in Ottawa, versus Liberal and NDP challengers who say they'll chart a new course for...

MacKay's Cabinet 'Guarantee'

Elections Canada says the turnout for the advance poll in the Labrador byelection is up significantly over the last federal election in 2011. Officials say 1,552 people have already cast their ballot...

Penashue Trailing Badly

Former federal cabinet minister Peter Penashue is trailing badly in the lead-up to the byelection in Labrador, according to a poll released today. The VOCM-Abacus Data Labrador poll found that 63 per...

I'll Be Back

Peter Penashue told a roomful of supporters Tuesday night that he will likely become a federal cabinet minister again if he wins the May 13 byelection, and that probability is a good reason for voters...

Harper Controlled Penashue: Crosbie

Former Newfoundland and Labrador lieutenant-governor John Crosbie says he thinks the Prime Minister's Office has been directing the way questions about Peter Penashue's campaign spending have been han...