Laura Robinson


Case Closed

VANCOUVER - Former Vancouver Olympic CEO John Furlong says the RCMP have closed an investigation into allegations of sexual assault against him by a former student and found no evidence to support cri...

No Surety Required: Judge

VANCOUVER - A reporter who wrote an article alleging former Vancouver Olympic CEO John Furlong abused students while teaching in northern British Columbia has lost a bid to force Furlong to put up a $...

Requesting Thousands In Security

VANCOUVER - A freelance journalist who wrote an article alleging former Vancouver Olympic CEO John Furlong verbally and physically abused British Columbia students in the 1960s and '70s asked a judge...
Globe and Mail

Will Furlong Have to Pay?

The ongoing legal battle between former Vancouver Olympic CEO John Furlong and journalist Laura Robinson is expected to return to court on Monday. Robinson is asking the court to order Furlong to pos...

Furlong: No Apology Coming

VANCOUVER - The journalist accused of defaming the former head of the Vancouver Olympics is now accusing John Furlong of damaging her reputation.Laura Robinson's lawyer, Bryan Baynham, has sent a lett...

Journalist Fires Back

VANCOUVER - The freelance journalist who first wrote about abuse allegations involving former Vancouver Olympic CEO John Furlong insists it is her, not Furlong, whose reputation has been unfairly dama...


VANCOUVER - Former Vancouver Olympic CEO John Furlong has denied more allegations of abuse levelled by a freelance reporter, saying in court documents Laura Robinson is a journalist who uses "unorthod...

The Public Lynching of John Furlong Isn't In The Public Interest

I don't know John Furlong. What I do know is that once again, without knowing the facts, the character and hard-won reputation of a human being is being ripped to pieces and likely irreparably damaged. Nevertheless, it is treated as bombshell "news," and reported as such. Even worse, journalists pretend -- or at least may have convinced themselves -- that repeating them is somehow in the "public interest." What is happening to Furlong is a nothing less than a public lynching.

Furlong Responds To New Allegations

VANCOUVER - Former Vancouver Olympic CEO John Furlong says new allegations accusing him of physically abusing a former spouse and sexually assaulting another are "completely unfounded."Furlong issued...

Furlong Abused Ex-Wife, Alleges Reporter

VANCOUVER - The reporter behind a newspaper article that accused former Vancouver Olympic CEO John Furlong of abusing students at a school in northern British Columbia four decades ago has included ex...

Canadian Law of Defamation And The John Furlong Allegations

Allegations published by the Georgia Straight newspaper against John Furlong, the former CEO of the Vancouver Olympics, have dominated headlines recently. The public statements that have been issued thus far by Furlong and the Georgia Straight foreshadow some of the issues that may be raised in any lawsuit which may follow.

Reporter To Countersue Furlong

VANCOUVER - The reporter who wrote a story about alleged abuse by former Vancouver Olympics chief John Furlong says she will countersue him for suggesting she didn't do the proper research.Laura Robin...

'I Categorically Deny' Abuse Allegations

VANCOUVER - John Furlong, the man who helmed the Vancouver Olympics, has categorically denied allegations that he physically abused aboriginal students as a teacher at two northern B.C. schools decade...