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Is Justin Trudeau Too Big a Baby to be Leader?

Trudeau is still a baby in the political arena who has a long road ahead of him. Before a baby can walk, he must first learn how to crawl.Trudeau will not receive votes for what he has accomplished. He will receive attention because of who his father was. This is not healthy for him, nor for the people he will be vowing to serve and protect.

Why It Was Time For Ol'Bob to Step Aside

After Bob Rae announced his non-leadership contention yesterday, many realised there is a gaping void of viable young candidates to replace him. In doing so, the best years of the Liberal Party of Canada will not belong, not in the distant past, but in the near future.

According to the Media, Bob's Our Hero

Bob Rae is hardly a stranger to the warm glow of over-praise for under-delivering, which is why yesterday's announcement that he would not be seeking an extension of his term as Liberal boss, and all the fawning retrospectives and editorials that followed, created a spectacle quite consistent with the broader themes of his modest career, feigned pundit shock notwithstanding.

It's Not a (Liberal) Party Without Bob

Last week I dropped in to see Bob Rae at his Parliament Hill office. We were alone, and he was in a very reflective mood. I left with the sense that he had made up his mind not to seek the permanent leadership of the Liberal Party. After hearing the news, while I have great respect for his decision, I am disappointed.

Rae Calls Right-Wingers Jerks

Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae says the party can't leave "jerks" on Canada's right-wing to take up all the space on the airwaves after the Conservatives released a new attack ad against him last week...
Althia Raj

I am a Liberal. And I am Canadian.

A compelling leadership requires a relevant vision. That's what the Liberal Party historically has provided Canadians. In the last few years, many Liberals have let their memories become greater than their dreams. Canadians want to hear about our dreams more than they want to be educated about our past.