Liberal Leadership 2013


Why Justin Trudeau Has Already Won

Canadians know that Justin Trudeau is passionate. They know that he is eloquent and thoughtful. They know that he is likeable. That is more than Canadians have known about the last two Liberal Leaders and that is why Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party have already won. That is why the Liberal Party's best chance at success in 2015 is with Justin Trudeau as Leader.

How Murray Is Like Stéphane Dion

In many ways, Joyce Murray resembles a former Liberal leadership aspirant, Stéphane Dion, with her sustainable society policy reminiscent of Dion's "green shift," her French as shaky as his English an...

Tweaking Their Image For The Big Show

OTTAWA - When Delilah cut off Samson's flowing mane in the Bible story, it was all downhill from there.Justin Trudeau is banking the reverse will be true for him, that a decidedly more conservative lo...

Youth To Lead Liberal Party Change

The time has come for the youth of Canada to cease their apathy of the broken political process and actively become part of the solution. Before the torch is handed to us for safekeeping we need to understand on thing very clearly: the political responsibility expected of us in the future goes beyond fulfilling the basic necessities of Canadian state and society, we must also comprehend the dreams and achieve the hopes of our citizens, long-gone unfulfilled.

Nine Years After Chrétien Resigned, Where Is the Liberal Party?

It was on this day in 2003 that Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, the little guy from Shawinigan thrice elected to govern our great nation, announced his resignation as PM and as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Nine years after Jean Chrétien's swan song, have the federal Liberals finally fixed their structural faults? Can they mend their frail faille? Or are they doomed to repeat the same mistakes?

Things Are Heating Up

After a slow summer on the leadership front, a race for the federal Liberal crown could soon start picking up speed. MPs and senators are gathering in Montebello, Que., to plan the fall sitting of Pa...
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Rae vs. Trudeau?

UPDATE: Bob Rae will not be running for the Liberal leadership. OTTAWA - Bob Rae has waited a long time for his shot at redemption.For the last year, he has almost single-handedly kept the Liberals fr...

Could Rae Be The Liberal Leader In 2013?

OTTAWA - The race for the federal Liberal leadership effectively begins next week and Bob Rae seems poised to be first out of the blocks.Rae said Wednesday he'll decide by the end of this month whethe...