Liberal Leadership Candidates


Sparks Fly At Liberal Debate

MONTREAL - Green party Leader Elizabeth May set the cat among the political pigeons at the final Liberal leadership debate Saturday.Sparks flew over the issue of electoral co-operation, which vaulted...

UPDATE: Trudeau, Garneau Exchange Jabs

HALIFAX - Liberal Justin Trudeau accused a rival of resorting to negative tactics during a leadership debate Sunday as he attacked assertions that his bid for the party's top job has been heavy on rhe...

Who's Winning The Twitter War?

OTTAWA - The deadline for Liberal leadership hopefuls to sign up new supporters for the party —and their candidacies — is Sunday.But while each of the eight candidates will rely on their new recruits...

Much More Mr. Nice Guy

OTTAWA - Marc Garneau evidently hasn't heard that old maxim about nice guys finishing last.The Liberal leadership hopeful allows he's a decent fellow but insists that doesn't mean he can't overcome th...

To The Right, To The Right

OTTAWA - Federal Liberals long ago abandoned the cardinal rule of success handed down by late Grit rainmaker Keith Davey: "Revere the leader."As they prepare to choose their fourth leader (sixth, coun...

The Liberal Party Needs a Leader -- Not Manager

Canada is a country that has always set an example about how to live with dignity, community and integrity. I am running for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada because I want us to build on that, and I fear that the current government is dismantling all that makes Canada what it is. As a former military navigator and as a pilot, I can see that we are starting to go off course. It sometimes happens slowly -- just a degree at a time. It can be so subtle you don't even notice it until it is too late.
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Not So Fast

SOREL, Que. - Justin Trudeau isn't ready to declare victory in the Liberal leadership race despite having a considerable head start on the competition.The Montreal MP said he expects a difficult conte...