Liberal Leadership Debate


Sparks Fly At Liberal Debate

MONTREAL - Green party Leader Elizabeth May set the cat among the political pigeons at the final Liberal leadership debate Saturday.Sparks flew over the issue of electoral co-operation, which vaulted...

UPDATE: Trudeau, Garneau Exchange Jabs

HALIFAX - Liberal Justin Trudeau accused a rival of resorting to negative tactics during a leadership debate Sunday as he attacked assertions that his bid for the party's top job has been heavy on rhe...

Rolling Up My Sleeves for One Canada

As long as Liberals look for short-cuts, we are doomed to wander in the wilderness. Our seat count and support has not eroded in successive elections because the progressive vote is divided. I believe that the way to defeat the Conservatives and elect a truly progressive government is to rebuild the Liberal Party of Canada as the distinctive, clear and principled voice of One Canada.

Justin Trudeau -- Mo' Money Mo' Problems?

It's no sin to be born into money. But it can be a burden, especially if you're a politician trying to establish a bond with middle class voters, as Liberal leadership frontrunner Justin Trudeau is -- and especially especially if you're counting on young voters. So, while Martha Hall Findlay's sucker-punch during Saturday's leadership debate was crude, it nonetheless represented a real blow the first in this contest, to Trudeau. And if Hall-Findlay's attack stung, wait till the Conservatives and NDP start to take their own jabs at Trudeau's silver spoon.

Trudeau Attacked On Upper Class Status

Federal Liberal leadership rivals used the third of five debates as an opportunity to challenge each other's priorities before a crowd of 900 supporters in Mississauga, Ont., on Saturday. Nine candida...

Grits Duke It Out

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. -- Some of Justin Trudeau's rivals in the Liberal leadership race tried to knock the perceived front-runner off his stride during a debate as he was accused of being too privileged t...

Liberal Candidates Debate In Winnipeg

WINNIPEG - It was billed as a debate, but the two plush chairs on stage made it clear Saturday's Liberal leadership event would not be your typical candidates' battle.The nine contenders never squared...

Who Won The Liberal Rumble?

VANCOUVER - Liberal leadership hopefuls sparred Sunday over an existential issue for their once mighty party: can it win the next election on its own or does it need to join forces with other progress...