Liberal Leadership Race 2013


Liberals Learn Key Lesson From 2006

The federal Liberal Party revamped its rules about how much debt could be racked up by leadership candidates in its recently concluded contest after some of its members were labelled as deadbeats due...

Key To Liberal Party #Rebuild

OTTAWA - For every Liberal lapel pin on a partisan at the party's leadership forum Sunday, there were thousands more digital booster badges tagged to supporters' social media profiles.From Twitter pos...

The Day's Biggest Winners..

The six remaining Liberal leadership contenders made their final pitches to Grits today and said goodbye to outgoing, interim leader, Bob Rae. The event featured 25-minute speeches from front-runner J...

WATCH: Policy? Not Now Thanks

TORONTO - With the finish line in sight, Justin Trudeau took his Liberal leadership bid to the financial heartland Wednesday, accusing both Prime Minister Stephen Harper and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair of...


OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau has pulled in $1.3 million so far in the Liberal leadership contest, burnishing his credentials as a political money magnet.That's triple what Tom Mulcair raised during the who...

How Murray Is Like Stéphane Dion

In many ways, Joyce Murray resembles a former Liberal leadership aspirant, Stéphane Dion, with her sustainable society policy reminiscent of Dion's "green shift," her French as shaky as his English an...

Youth To Lead Liberal Party Change

The time has come for the youth of Canada to cease their apathy of the broken political process and actively become part of the solution. Before the torch is handed to us for safekeeping we need to understand on thing very clearly: the political responsibility expected of us in the future goes beyond fulfilling the basic necessities of Canadian state and society, we must also comprehend the dreams and achieve the hopes of our citizens, long-gone unfulfilled.
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How Much Does it Cost to be a Liberal These Days?

The first impediment to ascension the Ol' Boys' Club -- or the Liberal Party -- has imposed is a hefty $75,000 entry fee to run for Party Leader. That's 65 per cent more than the national income average or what most of us call "a small fortune." Is this a way for a third place party to renew interest with the Canadian people? A party that's lost its compass is doomed to lose the legions voters who have strayed outside the once broad LPC umbrella.
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Rae vs. Trudeau?

UPDATE: Bob Rae will not be running for the Liberal leadership. OTTAWA - Bob Rae has waited a long time for his shot at redemption.For the last year, he has almost single-handedly kept the Liberals fr...