Libya Protests


Don't Call the Arab Spring a Failure

Insisting on getting things "right" the first time is unrealistic. The world shouldn't expect the region to transform overnight. As long as freedoms and honest judiciary are guaranteed, they will act as self-correcting mechanisms that would offer future opportunities to fix previous mistakes.

Don't Let Extremists Speak For You

The fact that most governments and citizens in the west supported the cause of democracy and human rights in the countries of the Arab Spring shows that there is a growing clash of extremists rather than a clash of civilizations. There is a urgent need for leaders in the U.S., Canada and the west to demonstrate to the moderate majorities in all their countries that the extremists in their midst should not be allowed to speak for them.

Occupy Wall Street Is Not the Arab Spring

Where the pushers of Occupy Wall Street have erred so grievously is in comparing their struggle to that of the brave Arab Spring protesters who, even today, continue to bare their chests to real bullets. Protest-envy and the desire to suffer and to "win" like they did in the Arab Spring is couched in psuedo-militaristic terminology like "occupy" and "rebellion."

Another Canadian Reported Dead In Libya

A second Canadian citizen has been found dead in Libya, CBC has confirmed from multiple sources. Abdulhamid Darat, who lived in Ottawa but had lived in Libya with his wife and five children since 200...