Louis C.k.


Let's All Listen to Louis C.K. - Kids and Phones Don't Mix

Louis C.K. is a successful comedian who can afford to buy his kids practically anything. So it is a refreshing surprise to learn that there is one thing for which he refuses to open his wallet: cell phones for his children. Comedians can be modern-day philosophers and Louis C.K. has brilliantly nailed it. This touted technology is riddled with problems, especially in the hands of still-developing children and teens.

Sorry, Louis C.K., But My Smartphone Saved Me

I have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Before the proliferation of the smartphone, I was constantly screwing up even the most basic of social tenets and losing friends, if I ever made them to begin with. While Louis C.K. and his supporters assert that you need face to face contact and the ability to see another person's expressions to build empathy, I've found that occasionally removing the pressures of that contact has allowed me, for the first time in my life, to express all of the empathy that I have always had for my loved ones and fellow humans. It has allowed me to prove that I am a person.

What I Learned The Week: The Walls Have Already Fallen

Easily-available software, net-based social media tools, guts, and a healthy ignorance of "how it should be" have now made every musician a producer, every producer a label, every craftsman an international marketer...and every current international marketer scared as hell.

What Louis C.K. Can Teach You About Success

Fans of Louis C.K. were revelling after Louis won Emmy awards for best comedy writing for Louie and for his special Louis C.K. Live at the Beacon Theatre. When Louis speaks about the intersection of his creative and commercial success, the industry listens. Here are two recent podcasts that will interest Louis C.K. fans, or anyone with an interest in the business of engaging audiences online or through television.