Find Your Way To Self-Love

The importance of self-love is something that has never been lost on me, but it was something that, until recently, I could only really pinpoint in others. Without self-love, I found myself in relationships, friendships, and other situations which were not healthy. But self-love has nothing to do with anyone except you.
flickr: epSos.de

Falling in Love...With Myself

As I write this, I am approaching the one year anniversary of my most intimate relationship ever. I have spent the better part of the last year developing and nurturing every aspect of this bond, as it is, and will always be the most important relationship I will ever have. And the object of my affection this time, is me.

Choosing to Be Your Own Best Friend

Lately I've been thinking about what it means to really love yourself. I've come to the conclusion that it ultimately means you are your very own best friend. You enjoy spending time with yourself, you appreciate the very characteristic attributes about yourself and you trust your own decisions.