Quebec's Mafia Corruption Is All Out In the Open

On Monday, Montreal's hapless, shaky, angry, and white-haired mayor, Gérald Tremblay, resigned in disgrace. It's no big surprise, really. Gérald had been fighting corruption allegations for years, always claiming that he knew nothing about any corruption seeping into Montreal's municipal politics. Even the most casual city observer would call utter bullshit on that. The mayor's position really became untenable last week when a former top aide, Martin Dumont, dished the goods in front of the Charbonneau Commission, which has been overturning dirty rocks to uncover the filthy world of Montreal's construction contracts.

Mafia Member Killed In Quebec

A man found dead in Blainville on Sunday night is Joe Di Maulo, a reputed high-level member of the Mafia. The identity of the body was confirmed this morning by Quebec provincial police. Di Maulo, 7...

Suicide In Montreal Police, Mafia Case

LAVAL, Que. - A retired Montreal police officer who allegedly tried to sell the names of informants to the Mafia is believed to have committed suicide.Several news outlets reported that the former cop...