Mandatory Minimums


Canada's Sex Assault Charges Are Too Fast and Loose

There has been a complete elimination of the discretion not to charge in sexual assault complaints followed by a complete elimination of the individual Crown's discretion not to prosecute them. There are two major types of individuals who suffer as a result: real victims of sexual assault and those who should never have been charged in the first place.

Liberals Try To Delay Crime Bill

Liberal MPs are invoking a procedural delay on the Conservatives' omnibus crime bill, debating a change to the proposed package of justice reforms that would end its passage through the House of Commo...

Tories Roll Out Huge Crime Bill

OTTAWA - Sweeping changes to Canada's criminal-justice regime have been introduced in the House of Commons as part of an omnibus Conservative crime bill.The Harper government said during the spring el...

Tories Introducing Major Crime Bill

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's majority Conservative government has begun a push to make good on a major election campaign pledge Tuesday, with the introduction — or in many cases, reintroduction — o...