Mark Carney

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Kinder Morgan Turned Its Pipeline Proposal Into PR

Last week the B.C. Liberal government approved the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project. They have stated that Kinder Morgan has met their five conditions and have added 37 new conditions with their approval. From the National Energy Board hearings, to the recent to governmental approval, the process was problematic right from the start. It was nothing more than a public relations exercise.

What the Greek Tragedy Means for Canadians

Greece does not have its own currency to devalue to gain economic relief. And so the nation's debt problem can't be fixed by issuing more loans with conditions that kill economic growth. If truth be told, there has never been a bailout designed to bail out the Greeks. The aid issued to date has been all about buying time to play musical bondholders.

Why Capitalism Won't Leave the West

Some might describe it as the genius of capitalism; the ability to adapt on the fly according to the circumstances. Hence the drive to technological fixes in alternative energy generation, storage, and distribution. While the existential threat to the species is a clear and present danger, capitalism's ability to adjust is subject only to the limitations of the human mind.

G20 Ministers Praise Flaherty

WASHINGTON - The elite of global finance paused during a gathering to pay tribute to one of their peers, Jim Flaherty, upon learning of his death Thursday.The sudden loss of Canada's former finance mi...

Politicians Don't Run Your Town - The Fat Cat Bankers Do

My first order of business would be to banish the heinous credit default swaps, which, believe it or not, are bets on whether a country or company will go broke. I can hear the conversation at home in the evening: 'Hello dear, what did you do at the office today?' 'Aw, just the usual. I placed a $3 billion bet that Spain will go bankrupt by the end of the year.'

The Tories Have Some Nerve Lecturing The World On Debt

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty went to Russia for the G20 conference this week, and decided that this would be a good time to pressure the world into cutting government spending and implementing austerity measures. Unfortunately, to the leaders at the G20 -- stuck as they are between deficits and sinking economies, between the option of printing money and doing nothing -- Harper and Flaherty are just as likely to come off as a bunch of self-righteous jerks.

Where Does He Stand?

OTTAWA - Newly minted Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz will deliver on Wednesday what will undoubtedly be the most-watched statement from the central bank in recent months.Some have been urging t...

Carney Addresses Sexist UK Money..

OTTAWA - The Bank of England's new governor, Mark Carney, is getting plaudits for suggesting images of women must be included on that country's new bank notes.But Canadian women activists say Carney d...

Was He Really All That Great?

OTTAWA - Rock star, saviour, outstanding central banker of his generation — the accolades have flowed fast and freely during Mark Carney's five-year reign at the Bank of Canada.But with the closing of...

Does the Governor of the Bank of Canada Have to Be Canadian?

We don't know for sure who will be tapped for the job of Governor of the Bank of Canada. What we do know is that the individual will be a Canadian. No other nationalities were invited to apply. But, in 2013, does such a citizenship restriction even make any sense? Or is it just another manifestation of good, old-fashioned Canadian parochialism?