Marriage Tips


19 Ways to Have a Thriving Marriage

We spent our 19th wedding anniversary very much like we do every other day. Since that day and for almost two weeks, I have been contemplating the idea of a list. A list of 19 characteristics essential to a flourishing marriage. Without further ado, here are those nearly twenty. Because 19 is actually enough.
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Your Wife Is Right. So Admit It and Move On

It sounds like I'm just moaning about petty things that drive me crazy, and yes, I know these issues might relate only to me. But if these, or issues like these, are the main points of contention in a relationship, then in the end, I think we're all going to be okay. But when in doubt, just remember, you do want to get some sleep tonight.

Marriage Advice From a 91-Year-Old Woman

Last weekend a group of ladies went to Prince Edward County to celebrate one of our dear friend's upcoming wedding. On Sunday morning we schlepped into Picton to caffeinate and were greeted outside the small town café by an impeccably dressed 91-year-old lady with mischievous eyes and one helluva smile. The real climax came in the form of marriage advice to the soon-to-be bride...

The Secret Of A Good Marriage

I often have people confiding in me about their relationship issues (like I'm the resident expert?), and I have only one statement of advice that I share with everyone: Marriage is hard work! There you have it, folks -- no 12-step program to wedded bliss and no sound-bite, Dr. Phil-worthy, pithy pointers. Just the facts. The cold, hard facts.