Maternity Leave Canada

Wealthy Women Need Help On Maternity Leave, Too: Labour Minister

CP | Joanna Smith, The Canadian Press | Posted 03.25.2017 | Canada Politics

New changes to maternity leave won't help lower income families.

4 Countries That Blow Canada's Maternity Leave Out Of The Water

The Huffington Post Canada | Roslyn Costanzo | Posted 10.19.2016 | Canada Parents

And we thought our maternity leave was the best!

Canada Beats U.S. On Women In Workforce, And Mat Leave May Be Why

The Huffington Post Canada | Daniel Tencer | Posted 08.22.2016 | Canada Business

On women in the workforce, Canada and the U.S. look like night and day.

Parents Demand Justin Trudeau Fulfills Promise On Parental Leave

The Huffington Post Canada | Kristy Woudstra | Posted 05.12.2016 | Canada Parents

"Extending maternity/parental leave to 18 month[s] will allow parents to care for their children until they are ready to go to daycare."

Here's Why The U.S. Not Canada Is A Better Place To Have A Baby

Lisa Durante | Posted 05.10.2017 | Canada Parents
Lisa Durante

After I announced my first pregnancy at work, the head of my business took me aside and said these words to me: "I know you're pregnant and I want to be sure you stay healthy, but unless you tell me otherwise, I will not lower the bar for you."

5 Best Countries For New Dads

The Huffington Post Canada | Roslyn Costanzo | Posted 03.31.2016 | Canada Parents

Canada is one of only nine OECD countries that does not have a national paid paternity leave.

Canada's Parental Leave Sucks At This One Thing

The Huffington Post Canada | Kristy Woudstra | Posted 03.13.2016 | Canada Parents

When it comes to dads, Canada is way behind.

10 Things The Rest Of The World Can Learn From Canada

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 07.02.2015 | Canada Living

As a relatively young nation, Canada is certainly still learning from its elders, but that doesn't mean the country hasn't figured out a thing or two ...

My Six-Week Maternity Leave Was Best For My Lifestyle

Dr. Meghan Walker | Posted 09.14.2013 | Canada Living
Dr. Meghan Walker

It was my choice to go back to work six weeks after having my second child and I won't lie, this week was tough. That being said, I awoke each morning delighted to start the day, hit the ground running and engage in my life's work. I figure if nothing else, being excited to head to work is an important metric in my quest to design a tailored life.

When Men Take Paternity Leave, the Whole Family Wins

r/ally | Posted 08.09.2013 | Canada Living

If the expectation persists that men don't share equally at home, then women will continue to bear the cost to their careers for having children. That would change if men needed to consider when to take paternal leave in the same way women fret about the best time to take maternity leave. In other words, establish a "daddy quota."

Many Canadians Not Eligible For EI After Parental Leave

CBC | Posted 06.09.2013 | Canada Living

Many Canadians may be surprised to learn that after going on parental leave they might fail to qualify for employment insurance — a policy some are ...

Six Must-Knows About Maternity Leave

BabyPost | Posted 05.09.2013 | Canada

Everybody loves taking time off work -- especially when it involves spending a lengthy sabbatical with that new bundle of joy, but as many new parents know (or soon realize) raising a newborn is no vacation. There is one thing that can make this time a little less stressful: maternity leave.

Double Babies, But No Double Benefits

CBC | Posted 03.26.2013 | Canada

A federal court judge has dismissed an appeal from an Ottawa couple who were denied double parental benefits to care for their twin girls. ...

More Mothers Are Taking Maternity Leave In Canada

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 09.29.2012 | Canada Living

OTTAWA - Most Canadian mothers with young children took some type of maternity leave following childbirth, according to a new study.Statistics Canada ...

Rachel Mendleson

Why Women Are Using Maternity Leave To Quit Their Jobs | Rachel Mendleson | Posted 06.19.2012 | Canada Business

When Elizabeth Monier-Williams started her maternity leave last year, she wasn’t aggressively looking for a new job. But after spending five year...