Media Influence

Les Mis And The Power Of The Big Screen

Les Mis is a beautiful movie. All at once, for all the world to see, the immense sadness of forced sex and pornography is portrayed on the big screen, as the beautiful Fantine lay dying, of a broken heart. The seriousness of all this may soon escape us, as we know these great actors will rise to soon tell us another story and win awards. But the message of this movie will never be entirely lost to us.

How to Raise a Confident Girl in a World of Photoshopped Models

My daughter does not even read magazines but the girls on television that are popular are impossibly thin while the heavier girl is either funny or obnoxious. These images trickle into our children's minds and they meanly call other kids fat or tell them they are not pretty. As a parent, how do you build your child's self esteem when it feels the world is trying to destroy it? Here are some tips that I have found really help girls to be positive and confident.