Medicare Harper


The Canada Health Act Is a Cruel Deception, Not Best in the World

Medicare and the CHA have reached mythical proportions in Canada. It is an untouchable "sacred trust." Those that dare question it -- much less talk of reform -- are virtually branded enemies of the state. I experienced this first hand last year when as a candidate in the general election I had the temerity to point out a simple fact: Canada does not have the "best healthcare system in the world," as all politicians have told us for years. In fact, that is a cruel deception. And CHA is nothing more than a hollow and toothless statement of intention and principles, has been the most untouchable of scared cows of Canadian politics since 1984. All three national parties kneel at its altar.

Harper's Historic Health Care Pledge Meets Deaf Premiers

What few of the premiers seem to have grasped about the Government's recent medicare announcement is that Harper and Flaherty are handing over federal money to the provinces without conditions. Harper's pledge would seem to effectively suspend the legislation that has defined Canadian health care for the last 27 years.