Mental Health Act

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B.C.'s Mental Health Act Must Be Changed

Under the Mental Health Act, any person who is involuntarily detained at a facility for mental health reasons lacks the ability to consent, or deny consent, to any medical treatment. In other words, they are deemed to consent to all psychiatric treatment, so long as it is authorized by a director appointed by the health authority. It also denies them the ability to designate and appoint a substitute decision maker on their behalf, such as a spouse or a parent.

Having Police Shoot the Mentally Ill is Cost Effective But Absurd

When someone is severely troubled, delusional, and potentially violent and we have no beds for them in our hospitals, they may get to deal with the police who are likely to shoot them. Not exactly a humanitarian way of dealing with the seriously mentally ill but one that is likely cost effective. We are not providing appropriate care and resources to the seriously mentally ill and we need to.

Top Cops To Governments: 'Step Up'

WINNIPEG - Canada's police chiefs say governments must "step up" and provide more support for the mentally ill.The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, which has been meeting in Winnipeg, says la...