Mental Health Awareness Week

DrAfter123 via Getty Images

Mental Health Awareness Week Helps Us Talk About the Tough Stuff

"I'm fine" seems to be the phrase of choice when someone asks how we're doing. We rarely take a moment to check in with ourselves and see if we are truly "fine." With Mental Health Week upon us in Canada, now is the perfect time to talk about all of the things we don't normally discuss. This week is a time to not only raise awareness about mental illness, but to also consider ways to improve our mental health.

Parents of the Mentally Ill Need Recognition Too

The month of May in Canada has in it one week devoted to mental illness awareness and one day devoted to schizophrenia awareness. But, nothing for the parents of the mentally ill who suffer almost as much as their children. We parents carry much of the burden for the care of our ill offspring but we are ignored. And, we are often ignored and shunned by the professionals.

When Mental Illness and Work Don't Mix

Would you ever hesitate to tell your boss the reason that you have a runny nose is because you have the flu? The obvious answer to that question is, no. Then why do we hesitate to talk to our employer about mental illness? My dream is that anybody living with mental illness can have the same dialogue with their employers that I currently enjoy.

10 Tips for Staying Sane at Work

More and more, people in workplaces everywhere are reporting that they are experiencing a constant state of 'overwhelm' and mental exhaustion. Here are 10 tips for practicing positive mental health at work -- whether you're the new guy or the boss.