WATCH: Heart Of Hell

From the NFB, Here At Home is an interactive documentary offering a look inside At Home, a radical experiment to end chronic homelessness. Led by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, the experiment...

Will Canada's Mental Health Improve with Fresh Blood?

Former Senator Michael Kirby, who helped bring mental illness out of the shadows with his Senate report, is turning over the chairmanship of the Mental Health Commission of Canada to his vice-chair, Toronto psychiatrist David Goldbloom. Many of us with interest in the well-being of people with serious mental illnesses have found the commission to be lacking.

Why the Media Shuns Mental Illness

There is nothing newsworthy, unfortunately, in the stories of the many people with treated mental illness who are coping and accomplishing. There is the old adage that when a dog bites a man that's not news. When a man bites a dog, that is news, so most of the media coverage around the mentally ill has to do with crimes.