Toronto Sinkhole Swallows Jaguar

A Toronto driver was forced to escape through a car window after his Jaguar was partially swallowed by a sinkhole early Wednesday.  Mario Tavares told CBC News he pulled into the parking lot of a bui...

Don't Compare the Liberals' $1.1 Billion Gas Plant Scandal to Rob Ford's Scarborough Subway

McGuinty sincerely believed in cancelling the gas plants. But he feared losing seats in Mississauga and Oakville. So he abandoned his principles for votes. That is pandering. What Ford did in supporting subways is not pandering. That is true democracy, a concept obviously lost on the Toronto Star, which appears to prefer rule by the privileged unelected few. And policymaking by non-partisan so-called experts, aka Metrolinx, who are clearly insensitive to the actual people for which they are working.

New Subway For Toronto?

TORONTO - Ontario's governing Liberals say they're now open to a proposed subway extension to Toronto's east end, just two months after nixing the idea that would likely tack on an extra $925 million...

Why Ford's Scarborough Subway is a Winner

The proposed Scarborough subway will be a campaign issue in this upcoming by-election in Scarborough. And premier Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals will lose this seat, unless she and the Liberals go all in. That means working with mayor Rob Ford, Metrolinx and the TTC in funding this Scarborough subway option.

How Rob Ford Could Lead Again

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford didn't get his $50 million, but Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne may have given him the next election instead. Politics is a game. The ones who know how to play it rise to the top and usually don't underestimate their opponent.