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Harper's Control of Communication Is Breaking Down

To Canadians, Stephen Harper has been vague about what he did know about the plan to repay Senator Mike Duffy's Senate expenses and clear only about what he didn't know. Even with what Stephen Harper did know, the story keeps changing. The entire mess has become Canada's Watergate.

Key Witnesses Still To Come

After a three-week hiatus, the Mike Duffy trial resumes in Ottawa in a case that has so far included delving into the minutiae of Senate administration rules, scrutinizing the workout habits of the su...

Duffy Trial Act One Winds Down

The first part of the Mike Duffy trial enters its last day today, heading for a three-week break before it resumes at the beginning of next month. The trial, in its 22nd day Friday, began April 7 in...

Could Harper Appoint Bieber To Senate?

OTTAWA - If he wanted to, could Prime Minister Stephen Harper appoint Justin Bieber to the Senate?That's how prosecutor Mark Holmes shook awake Mike Duffy's criminal trial Friday after watching a days...


OTTAWA - On the second day of suspended senator Mike Duffy's criminal trial on 31 charges of fraud, breach of trust and bribery, lawyers began digging into Senate rules and regulations around residenc...

Highlights From Day 1 Of Duffy Trial

OTTAWA - The first day of suspended senator Mike Duffy's trial on 31 charges of fraud, breach of trust and bribery kicked off in the pre-dawn hours as media lined up outside the courthouse to ensure t...

Crown Contradicts Harper At Duffy Trial

OTTAWA - A Crown attorney prosecuting Sen. Mike Duffy's fraud and bribery trial has contradicted Prime Minister Stephen Harper's position on who is eligible to sit in the Senate for a particular provi...

7 Facts You Need To Know

The long-awaited trial of suspended senator Mike Duffy starts Tuesday. It's been a long road from the initial reports that raised questions about his living-expense claims — and half a lifetime since...