Military Spending

Chris Wattie / Reuters

Liberals' Military Spending Delay Leaves Canada Vulnerable

The Canadian Forces will once again have to wait to receive new much-needed equipment. Whether it is new fighter aircraft, ships or vehicles, the federal budget has postponed more than $3.7 billion in military spending until 2020 -- or later. As a matter of fact, the latest federal budget is another slap to the Canadian Forces' face. Bill Morneau, Canada's finance minister, said the Liberals are postponing defence spending to figure out defence priorities.

Conservatives Killed the Maple Leaf Rank

The Conservatives' latest casualty is the Maple Leaf rank designation. The ranks of non-commissioned officers will also be returned to the original British Army designations. Defence Minister Peter MacKay claims the changes don't strip away any Canadian identity. But that's exactly what it does. The Maple Leaf rank designation is as Canadian as poutine and hockey. Let's not throw away our uniqueness, eh.

No Fat Left To Cut

OTTAWA - Canada's top soldier says the armed forces have no fat left to cut ahead of this week's austerity budget.But Gen. Thomas Lawson told the Senate security and defence committee he understands t...

Can Canada Afford Its Military?

Shrinking budgets in the years ahead is leading to questions about what kind of military Canada will have. Defence spending has increased by about a billion dollars every year under the Harper govern...