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This Time I Took My Parent to Work

My chosen career is one of the top 10 most misunderstood jobs by Canadian parents. In response to the growing need to bridge the generation gap when it comes to the world of work, LinkedIn held the first annual LinkedIn Bring In Your Parents Day on November 7. I, along with employees from across the globe, walked into my office with my parent.

Believe it or Not, Millennials Are Most Prepared for This Economy

Yes, the Millennial Generation. The generation born between 1982 to 2002 that has been mischaracterized by many employers as lazy, incompetent and entitled, is the same Generation that is the best prepared for the changing nature of work. The reality is that the demands of today's Millennial Generation are the same demands that enable their own survival. The Millennial Generation is merely being motivated by self interest and self protection given today's economic and social constraints.

Eight Tips for Managing Millennials at the Office

They're in their twenties; they're hungry. They're coming for your office. They're "Millennials" and many will want to wear flip-flops to work, don't care about spelling, have zero discipline, and expect the keys to the C-Suite. Like it or not, managers have to find a way to help Gen Y. Here are a few techniques for mitigating millennial migration.