Anne Berube

Simple Tricks To Get Out Of Your Head

We rarely listen to our bodies unless it's screaming at us - in pain or in exhaustion, for example. But it's important to listen to the more subtle messages our bodies give us every day, to help prevent getting to the point of pain. Author Anne Bérubé, who wrote the book "Be Feel Think Do" shows us some easy ways to start paying attention to our bodies - the key, she says, is in the palm of your hand.
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How To Think Yourself Healthy

There is nothing magic about eating right, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, or managing stress. We all know that those are crucial elements of a health-promoting lifestyle. So why are so many of us seemingly unable to make them a reality? As some experts suggest, it may all be a matter of thinking styles, of getting into the right mindset.
Natalie Karneef

Welcome To The Island Of Beautiful People

Canggu is a visually stunning paradise where rice paddies meet ocean. Like most of Bali, it is full of kindness, and very relaxed. Out on the roads, cars, trucks, buses and scooters press up against each other, snaking through black exhaust in an unhurried manner, everyone just emanating this "we'll get there eventually" vibe.