Wildrose Could Kill Fake "Canadian" Beer Company's Tax Subsidies

With Danielle Smith of the Wildrose Alliance Party of Alberta surging in the polls, the tax subsidy party might just be coming to an end for Minhas Craft Brewery -- Alberta's "fake" Canadian beer company. Earlier this month I met with Smith, the leader of the Wildrose Party, who was appalled that Albertan taxpayer dollars are going toward American brewery jobs.

Why are We Subsidizing Fake Canadian Beer?

While Ravinder Minhas likes to position his Minhas Craft Brewery as an all-Canadian little guy taking on the world, such is hardly the case. Under Alberta's deeply flawed small brewer tax program, Minhas received a $5.6 million tax subsidy in 2010.

Why Are Alberta Taxpayers Subsidizing Wisconsin Brewing Jobs?

It should go without saying that when a government injects a cash infusion (i.e., taxpayer dollars) into a business, the desired outcome is to save local jobs. But in the province of Alberta, millions of dollars in tax breaks are being given to a brewer to ensure that brewing jobs remain in Monroe, Wisconsin.