Mixed Martial Arts


The Cage Is Now Legal In This Province

REGINA - Mixed martial arts events will soon be legal in Saskatchewan, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship says that's good for athletes.The government is setting up an athletics commission that wi...

MMA Now Out Of Legal Limbo

OTTAWA - The House of Commons has passed a bill legalizing contact sports such as mixed martial arts.The legislation, which originated in the Senate, takes certain fighting sports, including taekwondo...

Should This Combat Sport Be Illegal?

While several provinces have allowed MMA bouts within their borders, the sport is still disallowed in PEI, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon, Nunavut, and most parts of New Brunswick. Bill S-209 likely opens the door to the sport in those hold-out regions. This development presents for me personally what I expected would be a curious quandary. On one hand, I am an epidemiologist who is actively engaged in public health activities in Canada, professionally and emotionally committed to supporting actions, institutions and legislations that demonstrably protect Canadians' health. On the other hand, I'm a lifelong student of a variety of martial arts, and a vocal fan of the sport of MMA.

Kids' Cage Fight Draws Fire

A mixed martial arts competition in Moncton, N.B., is garnering controversy after it featured a cage fight between children last month. The adult–oriented event included exhibition mixed martial arts...