Moammar Gadhafi

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Jason Kenney Owes This Immigrant Family One Big Apology

Adel Benhmuda is owed an apology from this country, as are his wife, Aisha, and their four children. After living in Canada for several years their refugee claim failed and Benhmuda's assertions that he would be tortured in Libya were dismissed. In 2008 the family was deported. Upon arrival in Libya, Adel was arrested and tortured. What I would like Minister Kenney to do is stand up in the House of Commons, admit that his beloved asylum system made a grave error and most importantly, apologize to the Benhmudas for what their family was forced to go through.

Canada Seeks Role In Post-Gaddafi Libya

Canada will focus on rebuilding and developing Libya's economy and supporting democratic development now that NATO's mission is drawing to an end, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Saturday. "...

Gaddafi Captured And Killed

SIRTE, Libya (AP) -- Dragged from hiding in a drainage pipe, a wounded Moammar Gaddafi raised his hands and begged revolutionary fighters: "Don't kill me, my sons." Within an hour, he was dead, but n...

Another Canadian Reported Dead In Libya

A second Canadian citizen has been found dead in Libya, CBC has confirmed from multiple sources. Abdulhamid Darat, who lived in Ottawa but had lived in Libya with his wife and five children since 200...