Montreal's Losing Its Magic

While most Montrealers say that their city is one to be proud of, roughly half of them say the city is "not as good" as it was compared to five years ago, a CBC-Ekos poll shows. The poll, w...

New Montreal Mayor Promises Stability

Today marks the first full day on the job for Montreal’s new interim mayor, Laurent Blanchard — and he’s promising to bring stability to Montreal during his four-month tenure. He says the city could...

How Do We Fight Corruption?

Corruption takes many forms: the theft of public resources; the sale of political influence; the betrayal of the public trust. In all cases, however, corruption thrives when political power is able to operate in the shadows, and it withers before the glare of public scrutiny.

Montreal's Big Corruption Crackdown

Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum has given his administration one month to put in place 60 recommendations aimed at preventing collusion and corruption in the awarding of city contracts. The measures...

'Mr. Three Per Cent' Returns

MONTREAL - A former Montreal municipal fundraiser nicknamed ''Mr. Three Per Cent'' denied Monday pocketing any kickback money from contractors and engineering firms.Bernard Trepanier told the inquiry...

Ex-Spy Watchdog Now A Wanted Man

MONTREAL - Once entrusted with keeping an eye on the country's spy agency, Arthur Porter is now a wanted man.The former head of the CSIS watchdog agency was among five people named in arrest warrants...