This is the End of Civil Discussion

I'm no John Ivison, Christie Blatchford, Chantal Hebert, Ezra Levant, Christopher Hume, Andrew Coyne or Margaret Wente. Heck, you could find bloggers on this site who routinely write superior than me...

What I Learned This Week: Pamper the Best But Don't Dump on the Rest

Just about every business still breathing --from airlines to coffee shops to media properties to financial institutions to hotel chains to comedy festivals to pizza parlours -- have some sort of "frequent user" or "subscriber" program that separates the loyal "US" from the random "THEM." But here's what I learned this week as I flew by the long museum line
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Montreal Was Jackie Robinson's Refuge From Racism

I'm pretty sure I did the final interview with Jackie Robinson. I'm glad I grabbed the chance to approach Robinson, already a legendary figure, when I did. He was gone shortly after. It took place in Montreal, where Robinson loved living and playing baseball. The new film about Robinson,42, virtually overlooks Montreal. A shame, but totally predictable.

Montreal Gazette Adopts Online Paywall

(CBC) --The Montreal Gazette, the city's largest English-language newspaper, is introducing a pay-for the-web model on its online site as of Wednesday afternoon at 1 p.m. The paper has chosen a "meter...