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Canada's Top 15 Best Value Cities for 2015

If you're looking for a fun and affordable vacation it's time to travel domestically and explore one of hotel comparison's 15 Best Value Canadian Cities for 2015. Based on the yearly average price of a standard double room and the destinations' overall hotel reputation on over 200 booking sites, trivago has revealed the home turf cities that are both budget friendly and worth a visit in 2015!

25 Years After the Montreal Massacre, Canada Still Has Gun Control Issues

As the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre approaches, it is interesting to reflect upon the evolution of gun control and the government's approach to questions of gun violence and misuse. However, ensuring a safer environment for women -- and for society in general -- requires more than official recognition of sexism or any other so-called justification as an invalid reason for violence.


The unseasonably warm weather in Montreal this week has brought with it blue skies — as well as swarms of biting, invasive ladybugs. “One weekend in the fall, the air is thick with ladybugs. Like, yo...
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Montreal's French Invasion

MONTREAL - When Christian Faure moved to Montreal last summer, the renowned chef saw a chance to start fresh in a new city, freed from the constraints of his native France.Faure opened a pastry shop a...
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Canada's Car Culture Isn't as Bad as the Danish Tourists Think

This week, two European tourists complained about the Canadian car culture after a brief stint in the 10 million square kilometer nation of over 35-million people. The British and Danish complainers now reside in Aarhus, Denmark. While I support criticizing a country, it is also good to have the facts in order. To that end, here are some stats Chabowski should have taken into account before making rush judgments on Canadian society.
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The Backlash Against "Homeless Spikes" Misses the Point

The really unfortunate part of the "homeless spikes" panic is that everyone leapt to blame the property owners rather than addressing the issue: we have a homelessness problem. Gawking at the symptoms rather than searching for a cure is a waste of time. Those solutions exist, and are widely agreed upon by experts. It's time that provinces and municipalities move aggressively to mitigate homelessness.

Thousands Without Power In Montreal

Hydro-Québec crews are restoring power to tens of thousands of customers after strong winds buffeted southern Quebec Tuesday night, downing branches and power lines.  In Montreal overnight wind gusts...


Environment Canada has issued a heat warning for the Montreal region and additional warnings all over southern Quebec as temperatures and humidex values soar. The advisory says southwestern Quebec, i...

Montreal Firefighters Retire En Masse

Approximately 100 Montreal firefighters decided to take early retirement all at once in a surprise move late Thursday night in protest of the Liberals’ Bill 3, a proposed bill designed to help Quebec...
Montreal is Quebec's largest city and the second largest municipality in Canada. It is one of two large islands in the St. Lawrence River and takes its name from Mount Royal, a large hill in the centre of the city. It was the site of a bustling Mohawk town when first visited by French explorer Jacques Cartier in 1535. In the century that followed, missionaries settled the area and the town became a key link in Canada's fur trade. Today, Montreal is a cultural hub of film festivals, comedy clubs and city-wide bilingualism. It's home to the Just For Laughs international comedy festival, Osheaga, and Cirque du Soleil. It's also home of the Montreal Canadiens and the Montreal Alouettes.