Mother Daughter

Almost Like Flying

Why do we stop running, spinning, jumping, singing out loud just for the joy of it? Why do we care if no one else is? Why should we care if people think we are bonkers? Just because we are grownups we are supposed to stop throwing our bodies on the ground and smelling the earth?

I Asked My Daughter To Blog About Me. It Already Stings

I tried to give my daughter the childhood and the mother I longed for, having grown up in turbulent circumstances. But there were challenges. Otherwise I would not have gone through four major relationships, with three different father figures marching in and then out the door.

Mothers and Daughters: A Fairy Tale?

Though my childhood was a fairy tale of sorts, my relationship with my mother has not been without its difficulties. I left home almost 10 years ago and have not been back for more than two weeks at a stretch. Now she wants me to blog with her and I confess it's not my favorite of her many zany ideas.