Mp Pensions


In It For The Pension? Not Always

While few would dispute that the pensions provided for MPs are generous, one former MP cautions it would be a mistake to run for office simply for the pension. A six-year minimum eligibility means MP...

Tories Target MP Pensions

The government will include reform of the generous pension plan for members of Parliament in a second omnibus budget bill to be tabled next week, CBC has learned. The CBC's Hannah Thibedeau reports t...

Your Tax Dollars: Investing in Bev Oda's Future

When Bev Oda's resignation from Parliament and cabinet took effect on July 31, she lost her $233,247 salary. But Oda started collecting her parliamentary pension on August 1 at the handsome rate the Canadian Taxpayers Federation estimates at $52,183 per year. For life. After eight years of Parliamentary work. You see, for every one dollar contributed from MPs to their pension plans, the Canadian taxpayers contribute $24 each. Seem a bit much?
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MP Pensions Under Fire

With the federal government potentially eyeing changes to public sector pensions, there are new calls to alter the pensions that members of Parliament receive. Bill Robson the president and CEO of th...