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Sorry, Jian: You're Not Sorry

Any idiot knows dry-humping staff is a no-no, and Ghomeshi is a lot of things, but he isn't an idiot. Ghomeshi was a left-wing women's-rights advocate, he had to know that the actions and comments he engaged in were inappropriate -- he just didn't think that applied to him. It was a choice, not ignorance. Intense narcissism is no excuse for wilful ignorance.

The Man Who Could Save MuchMusic

As many of you have read, Bell Media recently axed 91 jobs from MuchMusic, ostensibly gutting the iconic music station into a shadow of its formerly glorious self when Znaimer and John Martin founded the "temple of rock" in 1984. But an online movement to bring Much back to its original founder Moses Znaimer is picking up steam.

MMVAs from a Rookie's Perspective

The MMVAs has showcased some of the biggest names in music performing on our very own street (Queen St. West that is) From Kanye West and his daunting 'Jesus Walks' to Arcade Fire bringing a marching band into the storied studio, to Drake and Bieber walking the red carpet together, it's a night that never ceases to impress. This year promises to be no different, and I'm a part of it!

This Former MuchMusic VJ Is Making an Impact

To those of us who immigrated to Canada in the 1990s, Namugenyi "Nam" Kiwanuka was our introduction to Canada. She was a smart and engaging celebrity MuchMusic VJ. As if being a new mother is not occupying much of her time, the Ugandan native has used whatever time she has left fulfilling the promise of her Canadian citizenship by bringing attention to worthy causes all around the world.

A Former MuchMusic VJ's '80s Flashback

I got the job with MuchMusic. It's a 24 hour music station that plays videos, sort of like radio on your TV. Do you have such a channel over there in the U.K.? My role is rock and roll newsman for "the nation's music station." It's exciting, intense, aggravating, and glitzy all at once.
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7 Reasons To Love Strombo

I've had a wee bit of a media boner for George Stroumboulopoulos since his early days on MuchMusic, schooling young Canadians on all the kickass alternatives to pop and mainstream music. I've chatted with him briefly at events over the years and he's always obliging and engaging, no matter how busy he is or how many other admirers are waiting in the wings to talk to him. Which is why I thought I'd publish a list of reasons to love Strombo.