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Police Could Be Called To Probe NDP

OTTAWA - Police may yet be called in to investigate dozens of New Democrat MPs who used taxpayers' dollars to pay the salaries of aides working in satellite party offices.Well-placed sources say refer...

NDP: Mulcair Not Returning To Committee

The House committee investigating alleged misuse of House resources by the NDP could set off a political firestorm if MPs push ahead with a proposal to recall party leader Tom Mulcair to the witness s...

Mulcair Shuffles His Shadow Cabinet

Just one day after the prime minister rejigged his ministerial roster to fill the seat vacated by Jim Flaherty, New Democrat Leader Tom Mulcair has performed a shadow cabinet shuffle of his own. When...

Mulcair Sounds Off On Job Grant Deal

MONTREAL - Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair warned Friday that the Conservative government has risked making its Job Grant program an issue in the Quebec election by going ahead without the province.Mulc...

Mulcair's Coalition Flip-Flop Is Bad for Democracy

Recently NDP leader Thomas Mulcair said he would be open to forming a coalition with the Liberals, after previously denouncing the idea. Canadian democracy cannot the constant coyness of the sort Mr. Mulcair is now offering; purported claims that he's a serious candidate for prime minister on the one hand, which are then completely undermined by promises to "work with other parties" and reminders that the NDP was "willing to make Stephane Dion the Prime Minister of Canada" on the other. Opportunism of this sort simply reenforces voter apathy, and justifies the entirely credible suspicion that Canada's political elites don't really care much for the preferences of the public they purport to govern.