Mulcair Oil Sands


Do Not Believe Mulcair's Environmental Apocalypse

We would never suggest that Canada is free of environmental challenges -- it certainly isn't. But an objective view of Canada's environmental trends hardly justify the kind of catastrophic environmental destruction that Thomas Mulcair would have the world believe Canada is enduring. And to so badly distort Canada's record, particularly while traveling abroad, is unseemly in the Leader of the Opposition, who, in theory at least, serves as the "government in waiting." There is still progress to be made in protecting Canada's environment, but hysterical pronouncements of imminent environmental Armageddon do not contribute much to the process.

Mulcair Blames Oilsands Issues On Harper

FORT MCMURRAY, Alta. - Federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair toured Alberta's sprawling oilsands Thursday, saying he was left agog at the size of the operations, but also with a renewed determination to make...

'Albertans Should Be Thanking Mulcair'

CALGARY - The head of the Alberta Federation of Labour is defending Tom Mulcair in advance of the federal NDP leader's tour of the oilsands.Mulcair has angered western premiers and the federal governm...

Mulcair Confident About Oilsands Trip

OTTAWA - Tom Mulcair is heading to Alberta for his first tour of the oilsands, confident he can dispel perceptions that he's anti-development and anti-western Canada.But even before the NDP leader lef...

Mulcair Tones Down Dutch Disease Stance

OTTAWA - Tom Mulcair is dialling back the NDP's anti-oilsands rhetoric as he prepares for his first visit to Alberta's massive, unconventional petroleum deposits.The NDP leader is to tour Suncor's oil...