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Liberals Leading The Way: Poll

The government laid out its agenda for the next session of Parliament in a speech from the throne on Wednesday. It included a promise to introduce legislation to force future governments to have bala...

Tories Can't Close The Gap: Poll

A new poll suggests that federally the Conservatives aren't closing the gap on the Liberals as summer begins. The Nanos survey conducted in mid-June, after the House of Commons had wrapped for the su...

Will Justin Trudeau Crash and Burn?

While always nice to get a lot of media coverage, Trudeau should be concerned that in the long run all the hype could hurt more than help him. Expectations are so high for him that I wonder if anyone could live up to them. Remember all the media hype around the previous savior of the Liberal Party, a gentleman by the name of Michael Ignatieff. It didn't help him.

Liberal Support Surges To NDP Levels

Focus on the Liberal leadership race appears to have breathed new life into the party, even if the race doesn't officially begin until Nov. 14, a new poll shows. A Nanos Research survey reveals the L...

Liberals Take Big Jump In The Polls

Quebec has always been one of the hottest political arenas in Canada. Never was this more obvious than with the 2011 election result, when the "orange wave" of NDP support washed away most of the Bloc...