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Meet B.C.'s Ford Nation

That's what makes Ford Nation so extraordinary -- the incredible dichotomy that exists when it comes to criticism of most politicians and criticism of Rob Ford. Ford effectively gets what amounts to a jaw-dropping free pass from his base (in Toronto or in B.C.) nine times out of 10.

Conservative Brand Slipping: Poll

The Conservatives are facing a cooler reception from Canadians as they head home for the holidays, with new poll numbers suggesting a significant drop in the party's brand strength in traditional stro...

Overheard on the VIA Train: "Indians Are Lazy"

A study made last summer by Nanos Research and the Institute for Research on Public Policy ranks aboriginal issues as the least important concern among Canadians. I was recently delayed at Union Station for four hours due to an Idle No More blockade. An attendant announced in a surly tone that the train had been stopped due to "une manifestation d'Indiens." Contrary to news reports, my fellow passengers weren't "taking it in stride." Many groaned but didn't speak; I wrote down some of the comments others shared about "the lazy Indians."
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U.S. Net Worth Takes A Hit

As Americans celebrate July 4, Independence Day, new numbers out of the U.S. shed some light on why Canada's finance minister is so focused on Canadians' debt. Recent economic numbers from the U.S. C...

Seniors Turfing Tories: Survey

The Conservatives are losing ground to the NDP among key groups of voters — such as seniors and new Canadians — an exclusive new survey conducted by Nanos Research for CBC News Network's Power & Polit...

Harper's Poll Numbers Drop Dramatically

The watchdog responsible for monitoring the activities of Canada's spy agency and reporting findings to the minister in charge will be eliminated as part of the federal government's budget. The budge...