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He's Out

Just as the B.C. NDP released a post-mortem outlining the party's mistakes during the last provincial election, popular MP and potential leader Nathan Cullen has announced that he won't seek the provi...

BC NDP Leader? Me?

OTTAWA - Nathan Cullen says he's cool to the idea of running for the leadership of the British Columbia NDP.But the federal MP isn't entirely ruling it out.Cullen, who serves as NDP Leader Tom Mulcair...

Something Harper Has Never Seen Before?

The NDP is "incredibly focused" on holding Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative government to account over the "plethora of scandals" surrounding it, the Official Opposition's new House leader...

NDP Leader: A Vote I'm Happy Not Casting

If Mulcair doesn't win, the pundit class tells us that Quebec will go back to the Bloc and we'll be worse off than we were before. Is that even true? And how do all these calculations change if Bob Rae doesn't step down as planned? All I know is, I'm kind of glad I'm not voting in this one.

Cullen Joins NDP Leadership Race

OTTAWA - Nathan Cullen has become the third candidate to jump into the federal NDP leadership race.The 39-year-old MP from northern British Columbia billed himself as an anti-establishment contender w...