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We Can't Keep Denying Systemic Racism In The Canadian Forces

At what point does racism move from isolated incidents to a systemic problem in the Canadian Forces? Master Corporal Marc Frenette is quitting his decades-long service after years of racial harassment. Last May, Corporal Esther Wolki went public over the racial abuse she suffered and the damage it did to her mind. Not even the defence minister is immune from racist attacks. Then there's Private Wallace Fowler. For 16 years he has been trying to get the Forces to properly investigate the racism he says he endured.
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Why the Military Should Take What the Liberals Say With a Grain of Salt

The Liberals have proven time and time again to be no friend to the soldiers. Chrétien wearing his helmet on backwards (then chiding soldiers as they tried to show him how to wear it properly) and the elder Trudeau's morale-killing reorganizations have made a lasting impression on generations of military men and women who have been burned by the Liberals one too many times -- by pandering to the veteran community, the Liberals are hoping that the memory of soldiers does not go beyond the year 2000.

The Duffy Trial Is a Reminder to Change Parliament's Culture of Blame

As the Mike Duffy trial begins, there is plenty of blame to go around. Who is to blame -- the Senate and its lack of rules, the Prime Minister, staff or any of the other players in the allegations of fraud and misuse of funds? Surely Mike Duffy played no part whatsoever in this mess. He is just the "victim." After all, what accountability can those using public money have to Canadians to manage it well? In the U.S. we see Republicans blaming the president even when they block his initiatives. Not uncommon occurrences.

Harper Gov't Ditches Spy Plane Plan

OTTAWA - The Harper government has ditched a proposed competition to buy as many as four sophisticated spy planes — but with the U.S. looking to sell off surplus aircraft in the wake of the war in Afg...

My Wish List For National Defence in 2014

My wish for 2014 is a list of fixes for National Defence to improve the confidence and well-being of Canadians, Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and their families, members of the military equipment and supply economy, and last but not least those who have left or are leaving CAF service and need support.