MacKay's Wife Comes To His Defence

OTTAWA - Justice Minister Peter MacKay's wife is making a spirited defence of her husband over comments recently attributed to him about female judges.In a letter to the Globe and Mail, Nazanin Afshin...

11 Questions For Peter MacKay

Peter MacKay, last leader of the federal Progressive Conservatives, will long be remembered for his role in the party's merger with the Canadian Alliance — and the promises he broke to red Tories in o...

We Need More Immigrant Success Stories

The recent enthusiasm to hear immigrants tell their stories is a positive step for Canada, and will bring us towards a better understanding of the shared experiences that make up our collective identity. As anyone with a good storyteller in their family knows, a compelling story warrants being told over, and over, and over again.

Closure of Embassy, Return to Iranian Antiquity

For many Iranian-Canadians, the marriage between defence minister Peter MacKay and Iranian-Canadian Nazanin Afshin-Jam was meant to absolve our alienated condition as distant participants in Canada's development. For Afshin-Jam and her cohorts, the closure of the embassy represents the full blossoming of this ancient but till now unrecognized unity. Is this unity actually real?

They're Having a Baby

Defence Minister Peter Mackay and his wife, Nazanin Afshin-Jam MacKay, are expecting their first child. MacKay's office confirmed the news Friday morning, but declined further comment. A message on A...

The Iranian-Canadian Industry of Human Rights

While it is of paramount importance to actively struggle against conspicuous violations of the most seriously thought out and radical ethical systems, this industry of human rights activism constantly puts Iranians in terribly compromising positions by encouraging the federal government to enforce retrogressive measures.